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Experts talking about Veres marinades

The article is about open tasting of new Veres foods – marinades for meat (chicken, pork and shashlik). The most famous experts from all over the Ukraine, journalists and consumers took part in the event. Various kinds of shashlik were marinated and cooked by founder and chief cook of Healthy and Tasty cooking school, Evgeniy Chernukha. The participants appreciated the basis for the marinade – mustard from whole seeds, - also they highly rated well-balanced components for every meat type, and together with the unique bouquet of herbs and spices this was everything required for the best meat marinade. Veres meat marinades were also tasted by Russian experts. Among them were Chairman of supervisory board of NPO Liga Shashlika Valeriy Maltzev, food editor Svetlana Morozova and gastronomic guru Sergey Milyanchikov. Their collective opinion was that Veres marinades were the worthy product suitable for mass-production.


Full article is available in Russian and Ukrainian.


Автор: Верес ТМ
Дата публикации: 05.06.2013
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