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29 April 2014

Грибной суп с...

Вам понадобится: Говяжья мякоть - 600 г  «Заправка для грибного супа»...

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Borsch will be good anyway

Today all shops offer dozens of semi-finished products, which are intended, according to their slogans, to make our life easier and give us at least 5 minutes of a life, and at the outside… Every product has its cooking instruction, no matter if it is ready-to-eat food or semi-finished product, which should be used as a part of your dish. In our article, available in Russian and Ukrainian, Olesya Pampushkina shares her own instruction how to cook borsch from Veres condiment for this soup. Three recipes – lenten borsch, regular borsch and Traitorous borsch – from one jar of preserved Borsch Condiment will be of great help for all home cooks.

Автор: Верес ТМ
Дата публикации: 12.04.2013
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