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12 May 2014

Куриные окорочка...

Чесночные окорочка – это вкусное, ароматное мясо, приготовленное на...

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31 October 2012

Sweet and hot, bitter and allspice

Many of us will be surprised by the entertaining story of pepper as a spice and as an ingredient of many recipes. Archeologists say that at the year 6.000...

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Adjika – the hottest question

What is adjika? Some will say that it is a dressing from red pepper, some will call it hot tomato sauce, and others will state that it is a tasty snack with vegetables. Many recipes and kinds under one name. What is it actually – you will find out in the full article available in Russian and Ukrainian. Also you will learn the difference between various adjikas by Veres: Hot Adjika, Georgian Style Adjika, Caucasus Style Adjika, and Hot Caucasus Style Adjika, and we will tell you what Adjika has to do with Hrenoder.

Автор: Верес ТМ
Дата публикации: 18.04.2013
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