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29 May 2014

"Дачный" хлеб

Вы поехали на дачу и у вас закончился хлеб? А у вас ни духовки, ни времени нет, чтоб...

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Mustard – the secret of tasty bitterness

Mustard seed in many ancient cultures is not a simple source of flavoring sauce – it is a strong symbol of great power, in spite of its small size. German brides sewed a seed up in their veils to make marriage strong, and Danish people scatter mustard seeds all over the house for happiness and to stop evil spirits. The full article in Russian and Ukrainian will tell you, what is the difference between “European” and traditional “Russian” mustard, how to cook world-famous “Dijon” mustard and which seeds are considered to be the best.

Автор: Верес ТМ
Дата публикации: 24.03.2014
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