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Adjika – the hottest question

18 April 2013

What is adjika? Some will say that it is a dressing from red pepper, some will call it hot tomato sauce, and others will state that it is a tasty snack with vegetables. Many recipes and kinds under one name. What is it actually – you will find out in the full article available in Russian and Ukrainian. Also you will learn the difference between various adjikas by Veres: Hot Adjika, Georgian Style Adjika, Caucasus Style Adjika, and Hot Caucasus Style Adjika, and we will tell you what Adjika has to do with Hrenoder.

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Home cook secrets

Meat is not the point!

15 April 2013

Every self-respecting man has his own secrets of meat marinating. And if women love to share cooking secrets, men hold their tongues like real spies. What are those little secrets which make shashlik really juicy, soft and with pronounced flavor? In the full article available in Russian and Ukrainian you will find these and some other peculiarities of marinade for various meat types and best spices and dressings for this dish.

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Home cook secrets

Borsch will be good anyway

12 April 2013

Today all shops offer dozens of semi-finished products, which are intended, according to their slogans, to make our life easier and give us at least 5 minutes of a life, and at the outside… Every product has its cooking instruction, no matter if it is ready-to-eat food or semi-finished product, which should be used as a part of your dish. In our article, available in Russian and Ukrainian, Olesya Pampushkina shares her own instruction how to cook borsch from Veres condiment for this soup. Three recipes – lenten borsch, regular borsch and Traitorous borsch – from one jar...

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Tasty medicine

Red, green, yellow

31 October 2012

Paprika contains more vitamin C than any other vegetables and fruit, including lemon (in lemon its amount is 6 times less than in ripe red paprika). There is also a lot of A vitamin, which improves metabolism, improves skin and inhibits the senescence process. It is well-known that paprika stimulates endorphin production – hormone of happiness, which let us feel happy. For those prone to depression it is an excellent natural antidepressant. Read more about useful qualities of paprika in the full article available in Russian and Ukrainian.

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