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Sauces were always meant to make any dish taste better. Sauces by Veres for second dishes will add taste to chicken and meat, fish and vegetables. Traditional sauces, such as Hrenoder, Adjika, Satsebeli, Mushroom sauce and others made following home recipes, will become perfect helpers for any housewife who has a difficult job – to feed the whole family with tasty and diversified food. Veres recipes will help you to find a way to any heart. 


Sauce Satsebeli

No Georgian feast may go without Satsebeli – a flavoring sauce with rich taste and aroma. And Russian people love it as well. Cooked on...


Sauce Hrenoder

Hrenoder is an authentic Slavonic national sauce, prepared from fresh horseradish root and sweet ripe tomatoes with spices. We did our best to...