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May, 27th, 1997 is the birthday of GC Veres

It was this day in 1997 when the сompany acquired its first plant and started production of vegetable and fruit preserves.

To make really tasty home-style foods we collected home recipes of preserved vegetable and fruit from all over the Ukraine. After rigorous selection the best of them were adapted for mass-production and are now marketed under the Veres brand, having become the favorite vegetable and fruit preserves among consumers. 

Produced according to traditional home recipes, vegetable and fruit preserves of the company are being exported to more than 20 countries. Our product range consists of more than 100 delicious foods. Quality control includes all stages from soil preparation and gardening to final production.  All preserves are produced according to traditional home recipes and therefore have impeccable taste, which ensures love and respect of our consumers. All personnel of GC Veres put all their heart together with their knowledge, skills and labor, into production, so our foods have incredible quality, attractive look and excellent taste. 

As one of the largest mushroom farms and compost producers in Europe, with more than 7000 hectares of land, we make foods only from our own vegetables and mushrooms. Part of them is sold fresh. We guarantee the highest quality of our products and build long-term relationships with our partners on mutually-beneficial conditions. 


Автор: Верес ТМ
Дата публикации: 27.05.2013
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