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Only for Ambassadors!

Russians are famous for their hospitality and art of feasting. Our tables have always been laden with various delicious dishes. Ambassadors from other countries were always shocked by rich variety of feast table and by special treats.  So Veres decided to prolong this tradition and offered a special Posolska product line for special cases.

If it’s green peas, then it’s the finest selection of marrow peas. If it’s sweetcorn, it’s the sweetest variety of corn grown on our land and harvested at the right time. The tomatoes are only the most tender ones and cucumbers and mushrooms are of finest selection and quality. For our pleasure and for our guests amazement.

We offer special appetizers for gourmands and brave hearts – marinated hot pepper for those, who like it hot.

For Posolska line we use only vegetables grown on our own land, which is farmed with the use of special technologies and keeps all ecological advantages of the area. We select and put vegetables in jars manually – special food should be prepared in a special way.

Before getting into a jar of Posolska line tomatoes, pickles and champignons undergo strict additional control to eliminate the tiniest defects and guarantee excellent premium-class quality of Posolska line.


Автор: Верес ТМ
Дата публикации: 21.11.2012
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