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Why Veres is Veres?

Today Veres portfolio consists of more than 100 products in all categories of fruit and vegetable preserves. Veres foods are known and respected in 20 countries of the world. But not many people know the reason, why this particular name was chosen for the brand.

Veres is a kind of juniper, an essential element of our steppes. In ancient Russia it was considered to have magic power and was used in rituals of protection.  In particular, women gathered juniper on Holy Thursday and smoked backs before sousing cucumbers and souring cabbage. They believed that this ritual helped to keep freshness and useful elements of the vegetables for the whole year. And Veres trademark as well gives our products magic power, no matter if it is Pickled or Marinated Cucumbers, or Squash Spread, or Gourmet Salad Karpaty, - all vegetables  were grown on our own land and cooked with love according to the favorite recipes of our consumers.

Автор: Верес ТМ
Дата публикации: 31.10.2012
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