Ready-to-eat meals and rations

Ready-to-eat meals and rations

Company offers ready-to-eat meals and rations for nutritious food away from home, for example for tourism, camping, and also tasty dishes for busy people.

Rations are defined individually according to three main meals: breakfast, dinner and supper. You can choose from variety of our dishes: soups, main courses with buckwheat or rice, beans with meat, vegetables and mushrooms, dessert or hot drinks (tea or coffee).

Our ready-to-eat meals are easy to keep, simple to cook and convenient to take along with you. For tasty meal in the open air it is enough to heat up the dish for a few minutes in a hot water. Busy people can get a hot nutritious dinner from natural ingredients in only 3 minutes and at affordable price.

 We offer a perfect ration pack (standard product set) or we can with pleasure make an individual product according to your request, considering content, energy intake, kind of menu – dietary or vegetarian, weight, including additional elements (napkins, toothpicks etc.).

Ready-to-eat meals with private label
First or second course, dessert and hot drink
Traditional menu
Dietary or vegetarian menu
Ration pack according to request
Easy to cook
18 month long shelf life
Not need to be refrigerated
Convenient packaging
Special offer / Individual order
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United States of America