Veres ready-to-eat meals for active Ukrainians

Veres ready-to-eat meals for active Ukrainians

It is not a secret that healthy and balanced diet is the main part of vital activity and wellbeing. Fast food in lunch time is the main problem of modern Ukrainians. In addition, key advantages of food choice are to save time and money. Also, taste, benefit for health and convenient usage are important factors too. All these characteristics were taken into account in a new product line of ready-to-eat dishes from Veres.

There are 5 new products in the line; four of which are main courses: “Buckwheat With Beef”, “Buckwheat With Mushrooms”, “Lobio With Chicken”, “Pilaf With Pork”; and one soup: “Ukrainian Borsch With Beans”. All dishes are made from natural products without any artificial preservatives according to traditional recipes of the most popular home dishes. This line is aimed to the consumers who would like to make their diet more balanced and tasty like at home. All you need is to open packaging, heat up and your dish is ready to eat.

These products perfectly fit tourism, rest in the countryside, lunch in office, dinner for singles or when there is no time for cooking. Easy to open, convenient packaging is a great alternative to a glass jar. Also, classic and popular tastes of ready-to-eat dishes from Veres are offered at the best price.

 Vegetable ingredients of our dishes are grown in own fields without nitrates. The high percent of meat and mushrooms satisfies even the most demanding skeptics. It should be pointed out that our products of long term storage thanks to sterilization. To sum it up, Veres guarantees quality, benefits for health, refined taste and convenient usage.

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